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Dear Chacko,

It is almost one month since ‘Submarine Propulsion-Muscle Power to Nuclear’ was launched on September 18, by The Chairman Atomic Energy. This is to convey my thanks to you, as I get the feed back from my friends and former colleagues who attended the function and bought the books. They are very happy about the get up, cover and the printing. Only negative comment from a few, was that the size of the book/cover/pages is large thus reducing the thickness; because of which, it gets folded.

I am lucky that we met and we decided to do this book together, right from the beginning, you coaxing me to write. Your idea of getting contribution from authors from other countries was unique and in my opinion, very innovative.

Your contacts with the journalists was big help; in particular the invitation I got to interact with them at Mumbai Press Club, where I could explain to them the nuclear submarine being an instrument of deterrence in stead of instrument of power.

With regards and best wishes; may be we should do one more book together.

Anil Anand