Litventure 2016 Pitchfest shortlists

FWBA in association with BruteGorilla Pub has announced the shortlist of the participants who submitted their pitches for Litventure 2016 Pitchfest. The shortlisted names are: Prachi Percy Sharma Sia Mitra Arjun Hemmady Anita Sikand Bakshi Enakshi Biswas Hanadi Falki Konika S Please Note: As mentioned in the Terms and Conditions, the chosen people will have to make a PHYSICAL PITCH PRESENTATION at Litventure, Mumbai. Kindly reach out to admin Vanita Bodke if there is any issue in keeping this appointment. Litventure is on November 26, 2016, in Mumbai and the pitch session (in front of judges) is from 11:00 a.m. to noon. FBWA had a panel of three judges read the pitches and score on various fields, such as the writing quality of the pitch, the market viability and uniqueness of the plot, among others. [embed][/embed] Congratulations to everyone who made the cut.
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Litventure 2016 Pitchfest

The submissions are now closed. litventure 2016
This year, Litventure brings to you Pitchfest, an opportunity for aspiring authors to pitch their story ideas to a select panel of experts from the publishing industry. The best pitches will stand a strong chance to win a traditional publishing contract with the BruteGorilla imprint of Frontier India Technology.
About Pitchfest
Pitchfest is a unique approach that will allow authors and their work to be evaluated by Litventure. Aspiring authors will be able to pitch their stories first to an online panel of judges, and if chosen, to a physical panel at Litventure. The final chosen pitches will be sent to Frontier India Technology for consideration of a publishing contract under their BruteGorilla imprint.
FWBA has collaborated with Frontier India Technology for Pitchfest, and our chosen pitches stand a strong chance for the publishing consideration. However, participants must note that a publishing contract covers several procedural...
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Anail Anand’s book released at BARC

Anil Anand's book Submarine Propulsion – Muscle Power to Nuclear was released on 18th September 2016 by Department of Atomic Energy Chairman Sekhar Basu. [caption id="attachment_176" align="aligncenter" width="600"]L-R: BARC Director Kamlesh N Vyas, Anil Anand, Department of Atomic Energy Chairman, Dr S Banerjee, former DAE Chairman and Present Homi Bhabha Chair Professor at BARC unveiling the book L-R: BARC Director Kamlesh N Vyas, Anil Anand, Department of Atomic Energy Chairman, Dr S Banerjee, former DAE Chairman and Present Homi Bhabha Chair Professor at BARC unveiling the book [/caption] [caption id="attachment_177" align="aligncenter" width="600"]Anil Anand Autographs the book Submarine Propulsion - Muscle Power to Nuclear Anil Anand Autographs the book Submarine Propulsion - Muscle Power to Nuclear[/caption]
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How to publish your first book?

As a first time author you often find all doors shut, even locked, when you try to get it in traditional publishing mode. Then there is a sinking feeling and most authors head for a vanity publishing or self publishing.
Let's face it: finding a publisher and achieving a successful author tag can get overwhelming.
You start by thinking about being an author. You write your book and set deadlines. You have the best intentions and send the manuscripts to a lot of publishers. Then maybe a month or two goes by... and the excitement and energy start to fizzle out. Most successful authors too have been there - it's actually quite common.
But why do you not get published? Are you chasing the "Published Author" tag or "Successful Author" tag? There is a difference, don't you think?
Another point is if you are chasing your success the same way the publishing industry works? Are you running between the traditional and self published models? Has your objective been achieved by ...
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Publishing and Promotion of Foreign Book and Authors in India

Maybe you’re a foreign author or Person of Indian origin looking to enter the thriving Indian English book market. Or maybe you’re a publisher looking to rack up more sales in India for a book that has already done well in United States, Europe or elsewhere in Asia. However, many authors and publishers find that it’s difficult, if not impossible, to get a book successfully promoted within India to the point where sales really begin to take off.
That’s why many foreign authors are turning to local India-based book promotion and publishing services such as Frontier India to help stand out and get noticed. Simply put, getting your book sold within India is easier if you have a talented partner on the ground that already has experience in getting books Published, Distributed and promoted. In addition full-service PR for a new book launch, Frontier India also provides a suite of comprehensive publishing services that are used by both self-publishers and traditional publishers...
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Fiction Imprint BruteGorilla and unique Hybrid Publishing concept

Frontier India Technology has added a second Imprint BruteGorilla ( ) and Hybrid Publishing concept. BruteGorilla will cater to mainly fiction books and novels. So far, the company has been publishing non fiction books under the imprint Frontier India.
In addition to traditional publishing, the company has introduced a new Hybrid Publishing concept. In the concept, the author takes up the printing cost of the books which is repaid back on book sales along with royalty. Rest of the process like selection, distribution etc remain the same. In this case, the author and the publisher share risks and the author does not has to self publish. This is particularly useful when the authors have confidence in their writing and promotion methods.
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