Litventure 2016 Pitchfest

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The submissions are now closed.

litventure 2016

This year, Litventure brings to you Pitchfest, an opportunity for aspiring authors to pitch their story ideas to a select panel of experts from the publishing industry. The best pitches will stand a strong chance to win a traditional publishing contract with the BruteGorilla imprint of Frontier India Technology.

About Pitchfest


Pitchfest is a unique approach that will allow authors and their work to be evaluated by Litventure. Aspiring authors will be able to pitch their stories first to an online panel of judges, and if chosen, to a physical panel at Litventure. The final chosen pitches will be sent to Frontier India Technology for consideration of a publishing contract under their BruteGorilla imprint.

FWBA has collaborated with Frontier India Technology for Pitchfest, and our chosen pitches stand a strong chance for the publishing consideration. However, participants must note that a publishing contract covers several procedural and legal aspects and hence no assurances can be given. FWBA shall endeavor to choose pitches according to established guidelines as given by the publishers, which will boost the chances of securing a final contract for the chosen authors.

Submission Guidelines

    1. To submit your pitch, download the submission form here – ( Click to Download ). Once you have filled the form entirely, email it to The pitch must be MAXIMUM 250 WORDS. It should carry the subject line ‘MY PITCHFEST SUBMISSION’. Emails not having this subject line will be disqualified.
    2. Your pitch may or may not have a title for the story. If it has a title, put it up at the top of your email body, not in the subject line.
    3. We are open to all genres in fiction.
    4. Last date for submission of pitches is 6 November 2016, 0:00 IST.
    5. The story pitches will be read by an ONLINE PANEL of 3 judges. A shortlist of less than 25 pitches will be created, depending on the number of entries we receive.
    6. The chosen authors will be notified by email by 13 November 2016.
    7. They will be presented with an opportunity to visit the Litventure Mumbai 2016 venue, where they will be able to make a physical pitch to a PHYSICAL PANEL of 3 judges. The date of the physical event is 26 November 2016 and the venue is Children’s Academy School, Malad East, Mumbai.
    8. Of these, 2 pitches will be chosen and sent to the publishers for a traditional publishing contract.

Terms & Conditions

    1. Pitchfest is open only to residents of India.
    2. All decisions of the judges will be final and binding on all participants.
    3. Pitchfest gives an opportunity to the chosen authors to be considered by Frontier India Technology for a publishing contract. However, the publishers will act in due diligence and further assess the work for publication. FWBA has collaborated with Frontier India Technology for Pitchfest.
    4. The publishing terms and conditions will be according to Frontier India Technology’s standard rules and regulations, which are stated here:
    5. FWBA has no bearing on the final decision of the judges and publishers.
    6. Pitchfest is open to all aspiring authors of ages 18 years and above.
    7. FWBA will ensure adherence to the rules and procedures during the process and the event.
    8. The publishing contracts will be traditional and will be offered by Frontier India Technology, under their BruteGorilla imprint. The publishers are not associated with the overall functioning of Pitchfest. They may not be contacted during the Pitchfest. FWBA will create the contact between the publishers and the chosen authors after the event.
    9. FWBA will not be responsible for any discrepancies once the selection is made and the required contact is established with the publishers. They do not assume any responsibility for the publication process itself. All negotiations, deals, etc. will be the sole prerogative of the publishers and the authors. FWBA are not literary agents or in any other way associated with the publishers. Their only role is in providing this pitching platform and sending the chosen pitches forward for publishing consideration.
    10. Neither FWBA nor the publishers are responsible in any way for any expenses the author might incur in attending the physical event Litventure. Litventure is a free-for-all event.
    11. Minimum 2 winners will be chosen. The judges and publishers might decide to choose more winners at the venue.
    12. The only place for communication regarding Pitchfest is on the email id No other form of communication needs to be entertained by FWBA admins.

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