How to publish your first book?

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As a first time author you often find all doors shut, even locked, when you try to get it in traditional publishing mode. Then there is a sinking feeling and most authors head for a vanity publishing or self publishing.

Let’s face it: finding a publisher and achieving a successful author tag can get overwhelming.

You start by thinking about being an author. You write your book and set deadlines. You have the best intentions and send the manuscripts to a lot of publishers. Then maybe a month or two goes by… and the excitement and energy start to fizzle out. Most successful authors too have been there – it’s actually quite common.

But why do you not get published? Are you chasing the “Published Author” tag or “Successful Author” tag?
There is a difference, don’t you think?

Another point is if you are chasing your success the same way the publishing industry works? Are you running between the traditional and self published models? Has your objective been achieved by running in between the models? Are you busy doing the same old thing and not getting anywhere? Are publishers being unfair for selecting only sellable stories and certain authors?

It is time to think out of the box, don’t you think? Ok, if you are out of ideas, you have the option of listening to someone who has the idea, right?

Talk to us. We have the idea. It is called a “Hybrid Model” and it involves joint investments. But before we speak to you, we need to be absolutely sure your work is good. So click the “Get Your Book Published” button on the menu (or if it too much cursor moving then – click here) to obtain the submission form and procedure and inform us that you are open to our new idea. We will show you an alternative method.

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