Publishing and Promotion of Foreign Book and Authors in India

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Maybe you’re a foreign author or Person of Indian origin looking to enter the thriving Indian English book market. Or maybe you’re a publisher looking to rack up more sales in India for a book that has already done well in United States, Europe or elsewhere in Asia. However, many authors and publishers find that it’s difficult, if not impossible, to get a book successfully promoted within India to the point where sales really begin to take off.

That’s why many foreign authors are turning to local India-based book promotion and publishing services such as Frontier India to help stand out and get noticed. Simply put, getting your book sold within India is easier if you have a talented partner on the ground that already has experience in getting books Published, Distributed and promoted. In addition full-service PR for a new book launch, Frontier India also provides a suite of comprehensive publishing services that are used by both self-publishers and traditional publishers.

Publish and Promote your books in India
India is the 3rd largest English book market in the world.

With its best-in-class PR services, Frontier India solves the fundamental problem facing all authors, whether they are bestselling authors or first-time authors: Getting noticed in the Indian market can be surprisingly difficult for foreign writers. First of all, e-books and the Kindle e-reader device are not as popular as you might think in India. That means you need to get a physical book into the hands of potential readers. If you are a foreign author or publisher, you will need to find a way to ship physical books from abroad and then repatriate any earnings back to your country.

However, the typical method of importing books from abroad is too costly, even if you use an online distribution platform like Amazon. Moreover, due to import substitution effects, it’s often easier and cheaper just to buy a book from an Indian author who has written nearly the same book. For every popular foreign book available within India on Amazon, there’s often a lower-priced alternative, making it hard to compete for many foreign publishers.

And, then, if you do decide to set up and expand within India to get full distribution within the local marketplace, it can often be difficult to negotiate the market without a trusted local player. You may spend so much time just figuring out the complicated distribution market, that you don’t have enough time to spend on crafting a winning strategy for your PR campaign.

That’s where Frontier India can play such an important role in helping you sell books within India. The company offers a full range of bespoke PR and publishing services designed for authors and publishers who want to get their books in front of distributors, retailers and library suppliers. By partnering with a local firm, you have a way to establish a local presence with local prices. And the more competitive your pricing is, the more likely you are to sell more books in the extremely price-sensitive Indian book market.

The first type of product offering (“Traditional”) at Frontier India focuses on authors who need help getting their books promoted within India. When you purchase a standard author PR package, Frontier India will take over all local publishing and distribution. As a result of our strong distribution network, we can help you get your books into India’s best retail book locations. Moreover, we will develop a fully digital marketing campaign designed to create momentum around your new book, both pre-launch and post-launch. Authors will collect a full royalty on all books sold.

The second type of product offering (“Hybrid”) at Frontier India is designed for authors and publishers who simply want to get their books published within the Indian marketplace, but do not need or require a full PR campaign to accompany the launch. In this “Hybrid” model, we will publish and distribute books for the author in exchange for the author covering all printing costs. The author will then receive royalty payments and a percentage of printing costs on all books sold.

Finally, Frontier India offers a print-on-demand option for self-publishers. As part of this “Self-Publishing” model, we are able to print-on-demand at local prices, without the need to hold costly inventory. We print only the books that customers actually order. This is a fee-based service, in which we collect a share of the revenue and repatriate this back to the author in his or her native country.

Whichever one of these options you select, you will be able to boost your book sales in the Indian market. You can open a new chapter of profit opportunities within India, and you can do it in a way that will make Indian readers eagerly anticipate the publication of your next book.

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