Pishacha – A Mythological Fiction Novel by Neil D’Silva

Pishacha – A Historical Fiction Novel by Neil D’Silva

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The debut novel of the newly announced imprint BruteGorilla is titled Pishacha. It is a Mythological Fiction (generically classified as Historical Fiction) novel by Neil D’Silva.

Neil D’Silva debuted on the literature scene with Maya’s New Husband which was written during NaNoWriMo 2014 and was declared the winner. It later won The Literary Awards 2015 in The Entertainer category. The novel remained #1 in the top 10 of the Amazon India horror genre for many months. It is now being adapted into a movie and will be available in paperback via BruteGorilla imprint.

Pishacha, as per the Hindu mythology, is a flesh-eating demon. This race of demon is known to haunt cemeteries and possess humans into doing malicious things and infecting them with maladies. This link gives one of the best descriptions of this mythological character. Humans can turn into pishacha if their death has been violent and they have unrequited desires at the time of their death.

As per Wikipedia, pishacha has a Thailand connection too. It states “Although not strictly Thai ghosts, the pishacha are present in some stories of Thai folklore. They are one of the spirits of the Hindu-Buddhist tradition in Thailand and are represented in some paintings of Buddhist temples as well.”

In addition to the mythological fiction genre, Pishacha is also a romance novel. It is the tale of a pishacha who is in love with a woman and follows her through her births. The novel tries to address the question – what happens when a supernatural being falls in love with a mortal being? Will Pishacha’s love story last or are such love stories doomed before they even begin? Can a predator-prey love story be a reality?

The novel is set to be launched on October 31, 2016.

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